I'm excited to start the blog-tember challenge tomorrow. So, I thought today I would wrap up August and share my goals for September.

1. Participate in the blog-tember challenge. I had a lot of fun doing this last year...looking forward to this year's challenge.

2. Continue deep cleaning (& purging/organizing) the apartment. It's kind of therapeutic, and  like a nice clean casa.

3. Decorate for fall. Because pumpkins are everything. I'm already burning fall flavored candles. YAY!!

4. Go to all my WW meetings. I am desperate to get back on track and start losing weight again...attending the meetings is a big part of that.

5. The buffet. Seriously...it's laughable that this is still something I haven't completed. BUT...the good news is the paint has been picked out...so that is a step in the right direction.

6. Fall wreath. Make it!!

7. Church every Sunday. We are really loving church right now, so this will be easy!

8. Read 5 books. I read one book August. ONE. And I finished it last night. Kind of sad. But, I've started about 10...so maybe the 5 will finally happen this month.  

9. Set up budget. I was doing so good with this a few months ago and then COMPLETELY dropped the ball. Time to get serious again.

10. Send out cards. I love some fun mail...and I need to be better about spreading the love. 

11. FOOTBALL. Watch some Cowboys football!!! (My favorite time of the year!).

12. Redo design site. I feel like it's always a work in progress.

13. Schedule family pics. We haven't had our pics done since our wedding 7 years ago!!

14. Walk 20 miles. Because I didn't walk (for exercise) much in August AT ALL. (shameful!!)

15. Continue reading the Old Testament. I've been doing this (on my own) for a while now...and I'm really enjoying it. I felt like it was dragging on there for a while...but then I read something about reading for the experience and not just to get through the pages. I mean that sounds rather obvious, but it's amazing how wrapped up I get in reading the Bible that I'm not actually studying it.

What's on your agenda for September? 



I haven't been doing very well with updating on my weight loss.

Which isn't too big of a surprise....

Because, I also haven't been doing very well with my weight loss.

I'm SERIOUSLY on the struggle bus. Going in circles. Gain/lose/gain/lose. And on and on.

I missed my meeting Tuesday night...mostly because I just couldn't get motivated to go. Because I knew this was a "gain" week. I did go to a weigh in at another location Wednesday. And I did gain. One pound. So I'm currently at - 30.8 . I was SO close to -35 pounds in MAY (MAY!!!) and since then I've just been floundering.

Super frustrating.

I have a lot of thoughts about my current struggles. But, I'm still trying to work through them.

I just wanted to update for anyone who may still be checking in here.

Hopefully next week will bring better results!!



I was going to get ALL the things done today. And then I found this site. And, NONE of the things have been done. Such a cute blog (and shop). Y'all should definitely check it out.

In other news, I want all the new fall colors from Essie.

I also want fall to come. I'm over the heat. OVER it. We did have two days last week where the weather was super nice...like temps in the 80s nice. Hopefully it wont be much longer.

We are FINALLY going to paint our dining room buffet. It's been on our "to do" list for a year. A YEAR.

We went to Waco last week and I finally got to see The Magnolia Market. Fixer Upper is one of my favorite shows...I just adore Chip and Joanna. The store is super tiny...but everything I thought it would be. I'm excited to go back this fall when they move over to the silos.

Football is back on!

Here's to a great week. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more productive.



image via Life of Grace blog
So this is one of the first things I ever "pinned" and it's probably one of my favorites. I just LOVE all the colors and patterns. It's very "me". Edie has amazing style...and her blog is a constant source of inspiration.

I was feeling icky this weekend and spent a lot (a lot) of time looking at pinterest. I stumbled upon this image again...and thought...I wonder what that room would look like translated into an outfit. I mean, I've seen that type of post several times...but I've never tried it. Until now...

shirt / shorts / shoes / glasses / bracelet / bracelet / earrings / ring / bag
I love the pink/coral/black color combo. I think that is one of the reasons the room image appeals to me so much. Anyway, this is an outfit I would totally wear. Well, I'd probably opt for capris....as I am still struggling with accepting my thick thighs. Ha.

dress / bag / bracelet / cuff / ring / earrings / shoes

How cute is this dress? I'm not typically a gold jewelry girl...but in trying to piece together these outfits...I found lots of cute gold items I would definitely wear.

So that was a fun challenge. Of course, it's pretty easy to do when you are shopping all the stores with just some imagination. The real challenge is trying to use what I currently own!! Hashtag yoga pants.


Happy Monday everyone! I'm running a special on my design site, feel free to check it out!!



background image source

I didn't mean to drop the ball on blogging all of July, but it looks like that is exactly what I did. In all fairness, it was a crazy month. C was working a ton. We were planning his party (that went off splendidly this past weekend!). And, I got the opportunity to visit with lots of family and a friends. There were several (really low) lows, but overall...July was pretty awesome.

I'm trying to stay positive about the month of August. It's a step closer to fall (and FOOTBALL...which is my most favorite time of the year!). But, it's HOT here. Like, SO hot. I just can't get excited about that.

But, I am going to attempt to have a productive and fun month. I mean, that's the goal every month...but I'm pursing it with intent this month!!

1. Read 5 books. I'm so behind on my reading challenge this year. I have a ton of books on my night stand...so I just need to get to it!

2. Get rid of the clutter. Normally, I try to stay on top of this...but it's gotten out of control lately. I'm tired of the piles of paperwork and other miscellaneous nonsense!!

3. Walk 20 miles. Via treadmill or track. 

4. Hit the 40 pound mark. Seriously. 

5. Blog 10 times. Eeek. 

Here's to accomplishing a lot this month!