I'm excited to start the blog-tember challenge tomorrow. So, I thought today I would wrap up August and share my goals for September.

1. Participate in the blog-tember challenge. I had a lot of fun doing this last year...looking forward to this year's challenge.

2. Continue deep cleaning (& purging/organizing) the apartment. It's kind of therapeutic, and  like a nice clean casa.

3. Decorate for fall. Because pumpkins are everything. I'm already burning fall flavored candles. YAY!!

4. Go to all my WW meetings. I am desperate to get back on track and start losing weight again...attending the meetings is a big part of that.

5. The buffet. Seriously...it's laughable that this is still something I haven't completed. BUT...the good news is the paint has been picked out...so that is a step in the right direction.

6. Fall wreath. Make it!!

7. Church every Sunday. We are really loving church right now, so this will be easy!

8. Read 5 books. I read one book August. ONE. And I finished it last night. Kind of sad. But, I've started about 10...so maybe the 5 will finally happen this month.  

9. Set up budget. I was doing so good with this a few months ago and then COMPLETELY dropped the ball. Time to get serious again.

10. Send out cards. I love some fun mail...and I need to be better about spreading the love. 

11. FOOTBALL. Watch some Cowboys football!!! (My favorite time of the year!).

12. Redo design site. I feel like it's always a work in progress.

13. Schedule family pics. We haven't had our pics done since our wedding 7 years ago!!

14. Walk 20 miles. Because I didn't walk (for exercise) much in August AT ALL. (shameful!!)

15. Continue reading the Old Testament. I've been doing this (on my own) for a while now...and I'm really enjoying it. I felt like it was dragging on there for a while...but then I read something about reading for the experience and not just to get through the pages. I mean that sounds rather obvious, but it's amazing how wrapped up I get in reading the Bible that I'm not actually studying it.

What's on your agenda for September? 

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