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So this is one of the first things I ever "pinned" and it's probably one of my favorites. I just LOVE all the colors and patterns. It's very "me". Edie has amazing style...and her blog is a constant source of inspiration.

I was feeling icky this weekend and spent a lot (a lot) of time looking at pinterest. I stumbled upon this image again...and thought...I wonder what that room would look like translated into an outfit. I mean, I've seen that type of post several times...but I've never tried it. Until now...

shirt / shorts / shoes / glasses / bracelet / bracelet / earrings / ring / bag
I love the pink/coral/black color combo. I think that is one of the reasons the room image appeals to me so much. Anyway, this is an outfit I would totally wear. Well, I'd probably opt for capris....as I am still struggling with accepting my thick thighs. Ha.

dress / bag / bracelet / cuff / ring / earrings / shoes

How cute is this dress? I'm not typically a gold jewelry girl...but in trying to piece together these outfits...I found lots of cute gold items I would definitely wear.

So that was a fun challenge. Of course, it's pretty easy to do when you are shopping all the stores with just some imagination. The real challenge is trying to use what I currently own!! Hashtag yoga pants.

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  1. Super cute room and I liked the look and the jewelry in the first pic with the sneakers. Your hastag is more like me too.