I haven't been doing very well with updating on my weight loss.

Which isn't too big of a surprise....

Because, I also haven't been doing very well with my weight loss.

I'm SERIOUSLY on the struggle bus. Going in circles. Gain/lose/gain/lose. And on and on.

I missed my meeting Tuesday night...mostly because I just couldn't get motivated to go. Because I knew this was a "gain" week. I did go to a weigh in at another location Wednesday. And I did gain. One pound. So I'm currently at - 30.8 . I was SO close to -35 pounds in MAY (MAY!!!) and since then I've just been floundering.

Super frustrating.

I have a lot of thoughts about my current struggles. But, I'm still trying to work through them.

I just wanted to update for anyone who may still be checking in here.

Hopefully next week will bring better results!!

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