I love a good challenge. Weird, considering I rarely (shamefully) complete them. I'm nothing if not persistent though.

I also love the idea of challenging myself to blog about one topic everyday for a month. Last year, I (successfully!) blogged about my weight loss journey. Side note...I'm happy to say that the journey slowly continues...I'm down almost 35 pounds. 

I'm trying to add more creativity into my life. I used to scrapbook and work on my photography. Neither of which I do anymore (aside from pictures on my phone). Sadly, I spend most of my creative time working on client orders (which is fun)...but also somewhat limiting. I would love to write everyday, but there are often days that I do not have anything I want to share on the blog. And so...the idea for my 31 day challenge is born. 

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So a few weeks ago, I did a post entitled WEAR THIS ROOM. I basically took one of my favorite pinned images of an adorable bedroom, and created two looks inspired from the picture. I actually had a lot of fun doing it. I think it's because I combined two things I love ... inspiration and fake shopping. Ha.

Everyday, I will share an inspiration image. It may be a celebrity's look, a room, a book cover, scene from a movie, and inspired look from a fashion blogger, a piece of art...whatever. And then, I will piece together an outfit inspired by that particular image. 

I LOVE this idea because it allows me to be creative. It also challenges me to think beyond yoga pants an t-shirts. I'm currently losing weight...so I'm sort of in this awkward stage of nothing in my closet fitting anymore...but I don't really want to spend money on new stuff. But, who knows...I may put together some looks I will need to go out and actually try on!

Speaking of...here are a few rules I'm setting for the challenge.

1. The outfit must be something I would actually wear. I don't mind pushing the limits a little bit...but I'm not going to be wearing flare jeans, super short shorts, or stilettos anytime soon.

2. The items must actually be from stores that I do (or would) shop at.

3. The items must also be within my budget. Even though I'm not planning on buying everything I come up with ... I may want to buy something...so let's just be realistic here. 

K, that's it. I'm excited!! Thanks for following along!!

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