Today's PromptTell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

This is probably shocking...but I got my blog name from...my name. Ha!! So creative!! 

The "stuff & everything" is newer to the blog. I thought it was fitting because what better way to describe the mix of crazy stuff I post about.

Growing up, our dentist always used "stuff & everything" as a conversation filler. So she would be telling a story about how she went to mall and bought "a new coat, cute shoes and 'stuff & everything'...". Or, she would be talking about how busy she was with "stuff & everything". My mom and I used to get the biggest kick out of it...so we started using it in our daily conversation. It's still something we throw in if it fits (and it seems to always fit!).

So there you have it. Not the most original way of going about a blog name. But...it's simple, classic and so "me".

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  1. haha, when you name your blog after yourself, it's definitely true that the meaning of the blog name doesn't require a lot of explanation. My blog is named "The Random Writings of Rachel", so yeah, no deep or obscure meaning there, either. :)