September is officially here...so that means the first day of the blog-tember challenge. 

Monday, September 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, collage, vlog, your choice!
I'm Tricia, a thirty something (eek) married girl from Texas. C and I have been married 7 years this November, but we have been together FIFTEEN. He's my best friend and definitely the most patient man on earth!

We don't have any kidlets (yet). But we do have a sweet little fur-baby, Daphne. She is a rescue from a group we volunteered with earlier this year. She's SUPER spoiled, but I love her to pieces. 

Some other things:
  • I love Jesus. 
  • We have 13 nieces and nephews
  • We love live music and road trips
  • I'm a HUGE Cowboys fan 
  • Starbucks makes me happy but I don't like plain coffee
  • I'm currently on a weight loss journey, and have lost a little over 30 pounds
  • I love books and would love to write one someday
  • I'm currently a freelance graphic designer, but want to get my teaching certification
  • I once designed scrapbook products for a living 
  • I've been blogging on and off for about 10 years! (yikes)

Okay, that's all I can think of for now...I'm sure there will be lots more to share over the next 29 days. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. What an awesome introduction! I almost missed it myself by not remembering to Link Up! HA! Mega Fail ;)

    So awesome to get to know so many new bloggers and follow along this month! Exciiiited!