I'm playing catch up for today's blog-tember post. Bailey has prompted us to create something. I would love to paint or draw...but that's totally not in my skill set (yet). So, I thought I would be clever (or sneaky) and write a post using a prompt that I missed earlier in the month. 

Reading... If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison

Playing... Word Brain on my iPhone. SO addicting. 

Watching... Pretty Little Liars. I put it on Netflix during the day and go about my business. 

Trying... to get motivated to work out. I've been doing SO good with getting in my steps. Yay.

Cooking... Made this corn chowder for dinner last night...but instead of bacon, I used smoked sausage. YUM YUM.

Eating... out tonight. That's usually our pattern. Cook/eat-out/cook/eat-out. So bad. 

Drinking... Water. All day err day. 

Calling...  Nobody. I hate talking on the phone.

Texting... C about dinner plans. Ha. 

Pinning...  recipes. Maybe I will use them one day!

Tweeting... my last tweet was about all the penalties in the Cowboys game Sunday.

Going...  crazy....my neighbors are the MOST obnoxious people in the world.

Loving...  Football season. Duh. 

Hating...  that it's still so hot outside...c'mon Fall...you can do it!!

Discovering...  Lots of shows I want to watch on Netflix. But I can't seem to not watch PLL. Ha.

Thinking...  About getting a "real" job. I've been doing freelance design stuff for so long...but I'm seriously thinking about taking a break from that world. 

Feeling...  stressed about making career changes/decisions. Growing up is no fun sometimes.

Hoping (for)...  some cooler weather (have I mentioned that it's still hot here?!!!)

Listening (to)...  Randy Rogers radio on iTunes. 

Celebrating...  the Cowboys win!! Trying not to focus on the injuries. 

Smelling...  all the fall candles. Loving that the apartment smells like pumpkins and cinnamon.

Ordering...  Nothing. Hate trying to adult and budget. Ha. 

Thanking...  God for my sweet, hard-working husband. 

Considering...  going red...or at least a little more red (my hair, that is).

Starting...  to get serious about weight loss. I've been working out a bunch...just need to get my diet on track (ugh).

Finishing...  this blog post! 

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