The ideal day? That's tricky. I can think of a bunch of different ways to spend my day. This probably sounds weird, but I love a good cleaning day. That's probably not really "ideal"...maybe I should say waking up to a spotless apartment would be the ideal way to start the day!

But seriously, if I were to plan the PERFECT day...it would involve all of my favorite things.

I'd start the day with Jesus.
There would be Starbucks.
There would be a road trip with lots of picture stops on the country roads.
Lots of dream talking with my sweet husband.
We'd stop at some fun boutiques and antique stores and do some shopping.
I'm sure there would be an hour or two spent at a bookstore.
We'd close the day with some live music (and chips and salsa) on a patio somewhere.

I'm SO looking forward to the holiday weekend...I see some ideal days in my immediate future!

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  1. Any day that starts with Jesus sounds like the start of a very good day! Loved reading your thoughts & glad to meet you through the link-up!