Today's prompt : Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.

So, in my quest to lose weight, I keep telling myself I'm going to go the gym. If only telling myself did the trick, right? Anyway, I have to have music or a magazine or something to help pass the time when I'm doing cardio. I hadn't updated my iPod in FOREVER so I actually did this the other day. Here's just a few (12 instead of 10...because I can't read) of the songs I transferred from my iTunes to my iPod. 

1. Need to Breathe :: Multiplied
2. Luke Bryan :: Crash my Party
3. Randy Rogers Band :: One Woman
4. Josh Abbott Band :: She's Like Texas
5. Cole Swindell :: Let Me See Ya Girl
6. Darius Rucker :: Southern Style  
7. Taylor Swift :: Wildest Dreams
8. Miranda Lambert (& Little Big Town) :: Smokin' and Drinkin'
9. Thomas Rhett :: Crash and Burn 
10. Bart Crow Band :: Wear My Ring
11. Eric Church :: Wrecking Ball 
12. Aaron Watson :: That Look

I like pretty much all kinds of music...though I tend to lean more towards country. I was a huge Hootie & the Blowfish fan back in jr. high (don't do the math!)...and in my eyes Darius Rucker can do no wrong. Ha. Same goes for Randy Rogers, Need to Breathe, Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan....If they sing it, I'll love it! 

Oh and Aaron Watson. Do y'all follow him (or his wife) on social media? I LOVE them. He's super talented (and a super nice guy!). 

As far as "new" music goes...sometimes I'm kind of behind. I usually listen to sports talk (I KNOW! Such a dork.) in the car. If that gets boring...I'll turn it to music. That's how I found Cole Swindell and Thomas Rhett... these two songs make me want to have a car dance party! I finally downloaded them.

Some of these are a little older....She's Like Texas and Wear My Ring are songs I could (and have!) listen to over and over and over.

Wrecking Ball by Eric Church just makes me miss my husband. Ha. Definitely a "grown up" song, am I right?!

So what's on your playlist?

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