A new month means new goals!

So, I didn't make any monthly goals in either January or February. And I feel like the months passed and I didn't really accomplish anything. I'm sure part of that is psychological (I like the satisfaction of marking an item as completed). But, I've also always known I just operate better with a written to-do list. 

I am trying to do a lot of things right now.
1. Get stuff done.
2. Set realistic goals.
3. Create some new hobbies.
4. Change habits.
5. Quit comparing myself to others.

That last one is a major stumbling block when addressing the previous four. I've always dealt with it (haven't we all?!), but I feel like here lately it's definitely gotten worse. So, amidst all the big dreams and goal seeking and the daily to-do's, I am going to focus on showing myself some grace. I love love love the message from the article I shared yesterday. This month is all about baby steps (and grace!). 

1. Make daily to-do list. This just keeps me focused during the days.

2. Duolingo lesson each day. Love this app. I have the Spanish and French loaded, but I'm going to focus on Spanish for now. The great thing is that this only takes about 5 minutes a day. 

3. Track. Even if I don't know the WW smart point value. Just work on making this a habit.

4. 5k steps each day. I would love to hit the 10k mark everyday. Or more. But I need to work on making it a routine.

5. Read SRT daily. I'm way behind and would love to get caught up, but so long as I read some each day, I'll call it a success.

6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing. I have cut way back on regular soda (yay!). But I am struggling with getting in all my water goal each day. Hopefully this boost in the morning will help...in lots of ways.

7. Read before bed. I've gotten SO bad about watching netflix at night. I feel like it makes it more difficult for me to sleep. Reading sometimes has that effect, but more often than not it relaxes me. Plus, I need to read more anyway.

1. Hit the 40 lb lost mark. I'm about 5 pounds away (which I have been for MONTHS). This is totally doable, if I would just stick to the plan (and hopefully some of those habits above will help!).

2. Finish the buffet. This has been on my monthly goal list for years. (shameful!) But, I'm happy to say that it has been sanded and has one coat of paint...so we're almost there!! Maybe March 2016 will be the month! Ha.

3. Order contacts and glasses. I've put it off long enough.

4. Progress photos and measurements. I want to start doing this monthly, or maybe every 10 pounds. 

Okay, so that's it. Nothing too crazy. Here's to a successful month! 

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