I'm just about the worst blogger ever.

Best intentions...horrible follow through. My life in a sentence, y'all.

March was a crazy month. It's the anniversary of my (step) dad's death...and it's just kind of a sad month. I have really been struggling with missing him. SO many times I want to call him up and tell him about something crazy I saw or get his advice or just sit with him. :(

We are about to move. It wasn't planned, but completely necessary. We were hoping to stay here (an apartment) until we were ready to buy a home (this year!). But, sometimes life has other plans for you. If I were to tell the truth, I would say that this month has been AWFUL and I thought I might literally have to fight someone (ha!). But, I'm trying to look at the bright side. New adventures (and less annoying neighbors!) am I right?!!

So, other than several sleepless nights and a few tear-filled days (drama-queen reporting!) March was pretty uneventful.

BUT....I'm SO excited about April. My sister's birthday. Baseball starts. The blue-bonnets are blooming. Good times.

So the last time I blogged was A MONTH AGO. Horrible.

Last month, instead of doing a massive list of goals for the month, I really wanted to focus on creating some new daily habits. I wasn't perfect, but I think that they are slowly becoming something I do naturally. So, this month, I'm just sticking with the same habits from March. I really want these to become second nature before adding anything else to the daily schedule. 

1. Make daily to-do list
2. Duolingo lesson each day.
3. Track
4. 5k steps each day
5. Read SRT daily
6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing
7. Read before bed.

I did want to add a few other things to the monthly goals for April. Just to keep things exciting! Ha.

1. Hit the 40 lb lost mark. I'm back to 35.2, so losing 4.8 this month is TOTALLY doable. 
2. Clean out storage.  Ick. 
3. Go to baseball game!! DUH!
4. Progress photos and measurements. Let me try this again. 
5. Read 5 books. I don't know if I read a book all of March. Not good.
6. Church every Sunday.  Cause I miss it when I don't go.
7. Blog more. Seriously. 

Hope y'all have a great month! Does anyone still read here?