I'm a couple of days late, but Happy May Y'all.

So April was crazy, but also kind of a bust. We are moving next week, so we were getting stuff together most of April. And by getting stuff together, I mean I was mostly panicking and in denial about moving. Again.

Mostly I'm excited about moving away from where we are. Just a bad situation with neighbors (AWFUL) and our internet and phones have not worked properly since we moved here. We live by a creek/forest and at the lower level of the neighborhood. I mean, we live in the city...but apparently it's kind of a hole for technology. So that's fun.

But, I'm also freaking out. We have moved SO many times since we got married. Not on purpose. Just how life has worked out. And we've always lived in pretty nice places and had great opportunities. BUT....I just never imagined we wouldn't be living in our own home at this stage. Hopefully, this move will be the last one before that happens!! I am grateful though, to have a roof over my head. And all this stuff that we keep packing up. Trying to look at the positives.

I'm going to take May pretty easy goal wise. Just continuing to work on my daily habits. I am upping my daily step goal.

1. Make daily to-do list
2. Duolingo lesson each day.
3. Track for WW
4. 6ksteps each day
5. Read SRT daily
6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing
7. Read before bed.

Just a few other goals for the month:
1. Celebrate my birthday!!! (the 10th)
3. Get back on track with WW (post coming soon)
4. Go to a baseball game (maybe!)
5. Find a swimsuit (dread!)
6. Read a few books
7. Keep looking for a job

We are going out with family tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!! My grandparents are moving closer to us, so it's fun to see them more often!!

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