Reading... a lot more than I had been! I just finished Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore and I'm STILL thinking about it. So good. I also read Emily Giffin's new book and LOVED that. I'll be doing a book post soon!

Watching... Drop Dead Diva. SO cute. I watched a few episodes when it first came on television. But for whatever reason...I quit. Love watching a few episodes with C every night. I am also back in the habit of watching Friends while I'm trying to fall asleep each night. I can be turned away from the television and still crack up because I've seen the show so many times, I can see it playing out in my head. Ha. It never gets old.

Trying... to take a break from Facebook. For a little while anyway. I find myself either mindlessly scrolling through when I should be doing something more productive OR getting completely aggravated by something I see on there! Ha. It was scary when I hit the "deactivate" button last night. But I'm about 17 hours in and haven't gotten back on. We'll see!

Cooking... wanting to cook lasagna roll-ups tonight. I'v seen a few recipes on Instagram and Pinterest, but I'm thinking I'm going to wing-it. History is not on my side with making up recipes, but this one seems fool proof!

Eating... in my points range. Well, not really...but I am trying to. I was out earlier and was tempted to stop and get "healthy" fast food. But, I made myself come home and try a Healthy Choice meal I had bought last week. I told my friend earlier that I just needed to do the opposite of what I'm naturally inclined to do, and this is the perfect example of that. AND... I actually feel better for it...so there may be something to that! HA.

Drinking... water mostly. I also got some vanilla sleepy time tea that I am kind of loving. I wrote this exact thing last month, but it's the same this month. I HAVE been drinking some caffeine free diet coke, but I am going to try and cut back on that. 

Texting... C mostly. We've been communicating in screenshots here lately. Ah technology...

Pinning... little of this, little of that. I got in a bad habit of just liking things, thinking I'd go back and "file" them on the right board later. Which, naturally, I've yet to do. So trying to find something I thought I'd pinned is proving to be a pain. I need to go in and organize that. 

Going...  to keep looking for a job. I've been applying at two local school districts, and I'm just PRAYING I'll get hired SOON.

Loving...   my "me" time every night. C goes to bed pretty early...so I've been trying to read after he goes to bed. Again, I'm naturally inclined to scroll through social media or watch Netflix, so this can be a challenge....but I find that reading helps me get sleepy faster and I feel better the next day.

Thinking... all the things I want and need to do. Sometimes I feel like my brain goes too fast. Do y'all have that? (I wrote this last month as well...but it is exactly what I'm thinking right now...so we'll use it again).

Feeling...  SO much better than I did a few weeks ago. I got a cold at the beginning of the month and thought I was dying. I haven't had a cold in years. In one of my more dramatic moments I asked C if I was just going to be sick forever or what. Seriously though, it was bad for about 2 weeks and then lingered for another week. NOT fun. 

Hoping (for)... a fun three day weekend with C. So funny that last time I did this was right before a three day weekend. I should do these posts every week! :) 

Listening (to)...  Eric Church's newest CD (yes, CD). I got it for Christmas and I'm surprised it still plays...I've listened to it about 1000x times. It's SO SO SO good.

Celebrating... how well the Texas Rangers are playing this season.!!! And JULY 4th!! Excited for fireworks this weekend. I LOVE to watch fireworks. 

Ordering... I ordered a new laptop battery, charger and some yoga pants (my fave). I feel like a new woman. I've never really been an online shopper. But I'm kind of obsessed now! Ha.

Thanking...  the good Lord for air conditioning. It is SO hot here. Ugh.

Considering...  our next steps. C and I are making plans and praying for the future. It's nerve-wracking but also very exciting. Sometimes I get down on myself because I'm not where I wanted or thought I would be. But it's such a blessing to be able to stop, readjust and get going in the right direction again. I just have to get out of my own way. 

Starting... to get excited for FOOTBALL. It's like 70 days till kickoff. YAYAYAY!!

Finishing... up the month with big ideas for this summer. Again, I used this same answer last month. Maybe not the most exciting girl in town, but consistent! LOL

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