Time for my monthly goals post. I always feel a bit silly doing this, because, let's face it-my track record is kind of crummy. But I just love doing them. I love the idea of starting fresh and full of hope. I also realize there is nothing special about the beginning of the year, month, week or day...but there is something magical about a "1" on the calendar to sort of motivate you. If only there wasn't something sinister about the "2" to cancel out that motivation. HA.

July is a fun month to plan for because it is the beginning of the second half of the year. WHAT? I know. We were out to dinner with friends last weekend and we were all talking about how we have felt a little blah this year. And then my friend Erika and I decided that this was as good a day as any to start over and get back on track!

1.  Go to church every Sunday
2.  Read the Bible every day (or close)
3.  Read 5 books
4.  Work out (like a for real, intentional workout) 4 times
5.  Get 5k steps each day
6.  Celebrate C's birthday
7.  Go to WW every week (and stay for meeting)
8.  Blog more
9.  Work on my duolingo app more
10. Redesign my blog

Happy July y'all!