Oh y'all. So many struggles. I haven't talked about my weight loss much lately. There is not much exciting to share. And, I'm embarrassed by that. The last year has basically been a year of maintenance. Which is great...if I was at goal. But I'm not....I'm not even close. In fact, I have gained 10 pounds since February. I had was down 36 pounds, but as of my weigh in last night, I am at 26 pounds lost.

And I do realize those are 26 pounds that should be celebrated. And I know people will say not be too hard on myself. To give myself grace. To keep on keepin' on. And all of those sentiments are absolutely valid. But, if I'm being COMPLETELY honest...I think being easy on myself and giving myself the okay to mess up (even when I know better) is precisely the reason I'm struggling so much. And I've got to find a happy medium. I need to find a place where I can enjoy life but also be the healthiest me I can be.

I saw this quote earlier by Steve Maraboli and I felt like he was talking to ME!! If you've read here anytime at all, you'll know that dreaming big dreams is NOT an issue for me. I am constantly adding to my bucket list. I just seem to have a much easier time dreaming than doing (#lazy). But y'all? I'm ready to start accomplishing some stuff.

So, I'm just checking in to say that I'm going to start doing more. I'm going to hold myself accountable to this dream (and all the others) ....because I worth it!



August. Goodness. That happened quick. It's currently eleventy billion degrees outside (hashtag Texas) but for whatever reason, August gets me in the fall state of mind. And...that is something to get excited about.

So, July...I made a few goals/habits I wanted to work on.

1.Go to church every Sunday. Not so much :( We are currently living about twice as far from church as we were, and we are allowing it to be an excuse not to go. We are working on that this month!

2.Read the Bible every day (or close). ehh. I'm reading from Genesis to Revelations...and I've been reading 1 and 2 Kings and currently, 1 Chronicles. It's slow (and not very exciting) reading. But...it is very important to me, so I am going to keep on keeping on. This will be the first time I've ever read the Bible straight through.  

3.Read 5 books. I read three. I am just not doing well with reading this year. In addition to From Blah to Awe, I also read The Husband's Secret and The Weekenders. LOVED both of those. 

4.Work out (like a for real, intentional workout) 4 times. YES!!! I caught the walking fever. And I feel SO much better for it. 

5.Get 5k steps each day. Not everyday...but super close. I'm calling this a success. 

6.Celebrate C's birthday. YES. We had such a great weekend celebrating. Love him to pieces. 

7.Go to WW every week (and stay for meeting). I went to my weigh-in's. But I didn't stay for all the meetings. I'll do better this month. 

8.Blog more. LOL. Not so much. 

9.Work on my duolingo app more. I did this most of the month. Having a blast. 

10.Redesign my blog. Sort of. I still have some more stuff I want to do. 

On to August!! I'm so excited that I finally decided to try the Power Sheets from Lara Casey. I got them last month and have been working through the initial prompts. I'm really looking forward to using them for the first time this month. I really want to be more intentional about my days and goals. So, we'll see how it goes! 


1. Church. Silly that this is even on here...but this is obviously something we need to work on. The thing is, we LOVE our church. We do need to try and connect more at church...which would probably be easier if we went more. It's a silly little cycle. But...we will make the commitment to go. 

2. Read 5 books. Just to prove that I can still do this. Ha. I do have several new books on my nightstand though, including the new Harry Potter, so it should be easy this month. Right?!

3. Go to WW every week. I missed my meeting last night, but went this morning. I gained .6. I desperately need to get back on track. It's pretty out of control right now. But I'm not giving up!

4. DuoLingo. I'm about half-way through the Spanish lessons. It's getting more difficult. I spend half of my app time practicing the previous days stuff. I'm not so great at conjugating the verbs. 

5. Workout at least 3 times a week. I'm mostly focusing on cardio right now...so like a 30-45 minute walk several days a week. I am trying to be realistic, and this is a challenge but still reasonable. And, I know I said this earlier...but y'all, I feel SO much better walking this much.

6. Bible time daily. I was watching some of Lara's videos about the PowerSheets and she said she has to schedule this time...to make it a priority above all else. I'm going to do this. 

7. Move. We are hoping to move by the end of the month...or at least have a new place secured. Our moving adventures are crazy. But I'm looking forward to the next part of our journey.

8. Do something with my hair. It's bad. I need a cut and a color. 

9. Blog more. For real. 

10. Daily habits. I've listed most of them, but I've also got 100oz of water daily, 7500 steps daily, at least 2 fruit and 2 veggies daily and prayer/gratitude daily on the list. All just things I need/want to become a natural part of my day.