Reading... Sting by Sandra Brown

Playing... Candy Crush. I know. But I have it on my Kindle and occasionally, it's just fun. In an annoying, there is no solution, I hate this game, kind of way. 

Watching... Friends. I watch it every night before bed. It just never gets old. I think I have seen some of the episodes at least 50 times and I still crack up. 

Trying... to get caught up with my blog-tember posts!! I should be back on track tomorrow!

Cooking... nothing, lately. But, one of my goals is to try 4 new recipes this month. 

Eating... some ice. It's so bad for my teeth, but I'm addicted to it. 

Drinking... Coke. Like, the real thing. Oops. I may not sleep tonight. 

Calling... nobody. I hate talking on the phone (do I post this every month?)

Texting... about 10 people tonight after I walked 1.5 miles IN THE DARK. Who am I?!!

Pinning... workouts, clothing ideas, recipes and decor. Same ole, same ole.

Going... to start the 30 Day Shred tomorrow!!! EEEK!!!

Loving...  Miranda Lambert's new song, Vice

Discovering... coconut oil makes your eyelashes grow!! Did y'all know this?

Thinking... about our Vegas trip in December. I'm so excited for a vacation!

Feeling... motivated!!! I have done so good with working out...but I am wanting to make some big changes with my diet. 

Hoping... I'm able to stick with the 30 Day Shred. I'm so nervous. Ha. 

Listening (to)... Daphne snoring. Friends on Netflix.

Celebrating... my grandmother's birthday! Excited to spend time with family. 

Smelling...  perfume samples. I always throw the ones that come in the Ulta mailer in my purse. 

Ordering... (thinking of ordering) this cute shirt for my nephew's football games. It's SO cute, right?

Thanking...  Melissa for keeping me accountable to my workouts!!

Considering... cutting my hair. I want a change. But I'm not sure I want a big change. I'll probably still be considering this next month. ha! 

Starting... to fall asleep. Praise hands. 

Finishing... the blog-tember posts I missed this weekend. Should be caught up tomorrow!!

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