True story...I've always been SUCH a homebody. I do like to travel, in so much as I can be back in my bed in a few nights. Day road trips are my jam. And while C and I have been several places together, we have spent most of our time at home.

But, y'all...in the last few months, I've been bitten by a travel bug. I want to go to ALL THE PLACES. I can remember people telling me they wanted to go to China, or Fiji, or Brazil or wherever...and I would smile and nod...all while thinking WHY??!!! But now...I totally get it.

We are going back to Las Vegas (we went about 10 years ago) this December. And we are talking about making a trip to NYC soon. I have a cousin that lives there that I would like to see. We've also been seriously brain-storming a BIG trip next summer. I love following Victoria's summer trips. And Merritt does some fun travel stuff on snapchat. 

Some of the places on our dream list (I couldn't pick one...not yet anyway).....

one / two / three / four / five
I would LOVE to go to Greece. Or Amsterdam. Or Ireland (this is on C's top 5 as well). The Amalfi Coast is gorgeous. And...Paris is a must. I'm not much of a Mexico/beach type of girl...and that is where all my family and friends seem to vacation. I probably shouldn't knock it until I try it though.

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