I'm a big fan of birthdays....even as I near a decade that absolutely seems wrong in every way (because I'm still 24, right? RIGHT?!!). As a kid, I'm sure the presents were a big part of that. Now, it really is about being surrounded by the people I love most. And cake.

Okay, and the presents.

Some of the ones that stand out the most...

#7   I took my first airplane trip to Florida with my Grandmother and cousin. We went to visit my Aunt and spent the week at Disney World and the beach. Not too shabby.

#18 Our senior prom was on my eighteenth birthday. My mom took me out of school the day before and we played hooky. We met up with my Aunts, Grandmother and a few friends for a lunch at La Madeline. This was my favorite place to eat back then. I always felt super fancy eating there!! Makes me laugh now. Her and my step-dad also gave me an emerald (my birthstone) and diamond ring.  And two weeks later, I graduated high-school!! Hooray!

#22 This was my first birthday since dating C. He was super sneaky and threw me a big surprise party at his sister's house. I'd never had a surprise party before and I was just SHOCKED. Such a good memory.

#33 We went to this little sports bar to listen to a few bands play. And PAT GREEN showed up. It was such an intimate little gathering and he was just right there doing an acoustic set. Kind of amazing. And...what makes it the most memorable was that my mom and step-dad came with us. My step-father passed away 10 months later. He never missed a birthday, and I think I sort of took that for granted. Lord knows I miss him desperately. BUT...I have such great memories of him that day. I think it's a constant reminder to really enjoy ALL the moments. You never realize the ones that will seem so big later on.

I suppose my favorite birthday of all was my 28th. The day after my birthday, I FINALLY graduated from college. To be fair, I had taken several years off.  But what makes the birthday THE MOST SPECIAL is that a week prior to graduation, C proposed. The best yes I ever said!!!


  1. I love how you broke down your memorable birthdays by year and what made them so special! I’m sorry to hear about your step-father’s passing, but just know he’s celebrating in spirit! Visiting from the linkup!

  2. I would say that 27 was the best birthday too! C seems to be such a great guy!