Well, who has dropped the ball on blogging? ME ME!! 

But, I couldn't miss the opportunity to share some of my favorite blogs for today's blog-tember prompt.  
Kenda is C's cousin....but I love her like she is MY cousin. Her family moved to Georgia last year, and we miss them SO much. It's always a treat when they come back for a visit. They have become quite the little weekend explorers...having visited several amazing state parks since their move. Making the best of their new surroundings!! We love following along (and living vicariously) with them. So grateful that she has become such a good friend!

Melissa and I started reading each others blogs a few years ago. We would comment on each other's blogs. And then reply to those comments via email. And those emails kept getting longer and longer. Now, we text several times a day...almost every day. Her friendship has been SUCH a blessing. 

So, I've been reading Melissa's blog forever. Seriously, I stumbled upon it way back when I first started blogging and realized we had gone to the same college. We'd never met in person until about 6 weeks ago. She has been this amazing blessing in my life since then. She is so encouraging and motivating. I mean, she ran 15 miles this morning!!! And, she has more style than I could ever hope to have...and lucky us...she shares all of her fashion finds on her blog!!

I've been following Julie's blog for a while, and I was kind of bummed when she took a break from blogging. But, she is back!! She is adorable and has great style. Her posts always leave me feeling super inspired. And I love following her on Snapchat too (julie-leah)!!!

I think I stumbled upon Crystal's blog in a previous Blog-tember post a few years ago? She lives fairly close, so it's fun to see some of their local adventures (as well as her Texas Bucket List, which I love). She is amazing photographer and her posts never disappoint.

Who are your favorite bloggers?

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  1. Awe, thank you! We miss you guys too! We can't wait to come home for Christmas this year. We have been talking about it on almost a daily basis ha :)