Hey y'all!! I'm Tricia. I'm so excited it's blog-tember time!!! This is my 3rd year to participate...and it's about the most consistent time of blogging for me. So yay for Bailey coming up with and hosting this fun little online gathering!!

I'm a Texas girl...married to my Texas boy. We don't have any kiddos (maybe one day!...I'm still holding on to hope!!). But we do have a precious little (well, not so little) rescue kitty, Daphne. She is just about the sweetest thing ever...I love her so.

We love to take random little road trips. I love country back roads. We also love live music out on a patio (plus chips and salsa!!) It's just about prime patio weather...yay!  I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan and kind of nerd out during football season...but it is my favorite time of year!!  I love reading and have been talking about writing a book for years. One day I might actually do it.

I'm a dreamer of big dreams. I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone and actually tackle some of the things on my list. I'm much better at dreaming...but accomplishing things is much more fun, right?!! I've basically been on a life long journey to get in shape (ha!) but I am feeling ALL the motivation right now. I hope to share more of my journey with that this month!!

I'm a freelance graphic designer...mostly blog design now. When I first started blogging (like 10 years ago!!) I found a way to fancy up my boring template. Then I started helping friends change up their blogs...and before I knew it, a fun little hobby became a job. So grateful for that!!

Super excited to get back to blogging this month. And really pumped that I got a couple of friends to join me!! Be sure to check out Kenda and Melissa.


  1. Yay! So glad you told me about this challenge, it's going to be fun!

  2. I'm glad you found that sweet spot between a hobby and a job! Visiting from the Blogtember link up :) Congrats on participating for the 3rd year!

  3. I am so excited about this challenge too! You my friend are a sweet one!