So today's blog-tember prompt is a soundtrack. Confession....I don't really listen to music that much. When I first bought my car, we had a little trial thing of satellite radio. And I loved that. I mean I guess I love music...but I hate switching out cd's and I am horrible about downloading songs to my phone and then syncing all that. And I HATE commercials. Ha. Oddly, I love sports talk radio. So, that is what I listen to in the car.

But, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite cds. Most are a few (or more) years older. But, if you told me I could only grab a few cd's to listen to the rest of my life...these would probably be the ones I picked. It was fun to go back and look at the ones I blogged about last year and the year before.

When we had satellite radio last year, Eric Church had a show debuting his new cd, Mr. Misunderstood. He shared the songs and the story behind each one. It was SO good. They replayed it several times and I would always get so excited when it was on. I guess C told my mom about it and I got the actual cd for Christmas. It's the only cd that has been in my car since then. And I'm shocked it still plays. The whole album is SO SO SO good. I literally LOVE all the songs. Record Year is my favorite though.

1989 is such a fun cd. I love me some Taylor...and actually got to see her last fall.

I also love Adele. I like her new cd (which my mom also got me at Christmas)...but 21 is just the best. I thought it got stuck in my Jeep..and I legit panicked. I can still listen to it over and over.

Any and all Elvis.

Same with Pat Green. The man can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Jason Boland!! We saw him at a benefit when C and I first started dating. I had no idea who he was...but became a big fan immediately. LOVE all his stuff...but this is the cd that started it all...so naturally, it's my favorite.

Guns N Roses. Such a huge reminder of my childhood. I'm not sure how or when I became a fan...but I was really young. Like 10? It probably came from staying home and watching MTV back when they played music! (How old do I sound right now?! LOL)

Love me some Sam Hunt.

Speaking of love...Chris Stapleton. Traveller...such a great song. The whole cd is. Reminds me of Urban Cowboy (which is one of my favorite movies!).

Randy Rodgers has THE BEST VOICE. He could sing the phone book and it would probably be my favorite thing. I was at Billy Bobs when they recorded this cd, and I have probably played it at least 1000 times. Lost and Found is my favorite RRB song.

Any Miranda Lambert cd would work, but revolution has Dead Flowers...which is one of my favorites. I also liked her with The Pistol Annies.

If I had to pick only one cd...I'd probably pick a George Strait cd. Right? And the Pure Country soundtrack would probably be the one. I Cross my Heart? Overnight Male? Yes!!!

So we are going to Vegas in a few months (wohoo). And we are going to see Rock of Ages and I could not be more excited. I was super young in the late 80's, early 90's but hair bands are some of my favorites. I have played the soundtrack SO many times...just making sure I'm prepared. Ha.

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