We moved at the beginning of the summer. And in a lot of ways, it feels like that set off a chain of complete chaos that is never ending. In other ways, it feels like a few days ago. All this to say that this summer was different than most. I am looking forward to Fall like never before, but I don't wan to miss some of the sweeter things from the last few months.

Drop Dead Diva. This show. So at the beginning of the summer, we watched both seasons of Bloodline. It annoyed me to NO end, but I still felt lost when it was over. Ha. So we fumbled around with a few other shows, not getting that excited. Until, we watched Drop Dead Diva. It's perfectly cheesy but oh so cute. I can't believe C watched it with me. But, we spent all summer watching it. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but we really enjoyed it...until the last season...but it was still a sweet show that we are glad we watched. If you are looking for something lighthearted to watch...try it out!

Kitty snuggles with Miss Daphne. She is the sweetest girl. We have cuddled a lot over the last few months!!

Torchy's Tacos. We were SO late to the party with Torchy's. But, we finally tried it out at the beginning of the summer, and have only been back an embarrassing amount of times. The chicken fajita taco is my favorite. And the ice. I love the ice.

My Day Designer from Target. I got one last year and LOVED it. And, apparently, so did everyone else near me. I had to go to about 10 different Targets to find mine this year...I nearly laid down in aisle to cry when I saw it. It's a little bigger than the traditional one. I also like the plastic cover, as opposed to the chipboard one. And it's cheaper. LOVE it. They are sold out of the daily one, which is the one I have. But they still have some weekly/monthly editions.

The floral crown filter from SnapChat. So much better than the dog, right?!

Essie Watermelon. My signature color. Ha. Seriously, it just reminds me of me. And summer.

July 4th weekend. It was just such a sweet time with my husband. We went on a little road trip/shopping adventure. Went out to eat. Watched fireworks at our church. Probably one of my favorite weekends from the summer.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty.  I didn't do a lot of reading this summer, but this book immediately sucked me in. I can't wait to read some of her other stuff. Emily Giffin's newest release was also another favorite from the summer.

Country drives. These are always a favorite. But after the rains from the earlier part of summer, everything was so lush and green. Made for some great drives.

When I sat down to write this post, I was worried it would be boring. But, I'm so glad I looked back to remember some of the better moments. I also realized I need to get better at taking more pictures...but that's a story for another day!


  1. Totally entertaining and NOT boring! Now I sang that target planner!

  2. I always love to see what you are reading. I mean, I don't end up reading a quarter of the books you read but I still like to know :) I have been itching to get into a good book lately.