Reading... The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. I read it cover to cover last night. LOVED.

Playing...  Podcasts. I just discovered them recently (thanks Melissa). My favorite right now is The Popcast

Watching... NCIS New Orleans. Full on addicted y'all. Praise hands for CBS All Access.

Trying...  to get back in the swing of things. Tackled emails for an hour this morning and have gotten everything pretty much organized again. Does anyone else feel like deep cleaning and organizing after being sick?

Cooking... nothing, lately. Unless heating up Cambell's Chicken and Stars counts?

Eating... read food again. Sort of. I've been living off of yogurt and mashed potatoes and soup for about a week. I had a hamburger today! 

Drinking... Water!!

Calling... nobody. I hate talking on the phone (do I post this every month?)

Texting... C. I screen shot memes and send them to him throughout the day. 

Pinning...  recipes and home decor. Neither of which I'll actually be using anytime soon. 

Going... to a new Bible study tonight. Entrusted by Beth Moore. Yay!!

Loving...  the cooler temperatures. I mean, not today because it's still in the 90's, but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's!!! Wohoo.

Discovering... lot's of new Instagram accounts. I'll be sharing some of those on Friday!

Thinking...  of ordering a FabFitFun box. I don't subscribe to any boxes (yet)...and this one looks fun. Do y'all get these?

Feeling... better!! I've been battling strep for the last week...but I'm on the mend, finally!

Hoping... to get back to working out tomorrow. I actually miss it. Who am I?

Listening (to)... Daphne snoring. NCIS NOLA on Netflix. 

Celebrating... a 4.4 pound loss last week!!! Finally going in the right direction. 

Smelling...  nail polish. I just painted my nails with this polish

Ordering... Nothing right now. I have SO many things I want to order. Workout clothes (because I work out now...HA!), Christmas gifts, books, new clothes for our vacation. But, I'm also trying to be smart with our money. It's a constant struggle. 

Thanking...  C for taking such good care of me. He's such a good provider and friend. Even last night, I came home to see the new Magnolia book in our room. He thought it would be a nice surprise and he was right!!

Considering... the envelope system. We did it for a while when we first got married and took Financial Peace University at church. But, we have gotten WAY off track. I think it would be beneficial to get back on that. I just re-read Victoria's blog post to get me motivated. 

Starting...  to get excited for my first 5k next month. I don't know if I'll actually be running any of it...I may walk the whole thing...but I am pumped to complete it. Even if I'm the last one across the line!

Finishing...  up our costumes for a wedding Halloween weekend. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in FOREVER. We are totally winging it...but I think it will be cute. Pictures to follow. 



I'ts October!! My favorite month. Still waiting on the temperatures to drop, but at least the threat of 100 degree days are over. I actually got a walk in right at 3 o'clock this afternoon, and didn't feel like I was dying (well, at least not from the heat!).

September was a rough month. My allergies were ridiculous. They are still so so bad. I'm not sure what is causing them, but I'm miserable. We are getting ready to move again (again!)...and I'm feeling completely scattered. I've also been super busy with work stuff (yay!). I was thinking that I had been fairly productive this past month...until I looked at my September Goals post. EEK.

1. Make my daily habits graph. And then, do all the things on it!
2. Complete the Blog-tember Challenge. (sort of!) 
3. Read 5 books. (I read 1 book!!) 
4. Go to Bible Study at church (and keep up with weekly homework).
5. Start the 30 Day Shred.
6. Go to Weight Watchers every week. (missed a week)
7. Stay on track with weekly workouts from Melissa. (did this up until the last week of the month) 
8. Finalize costume for my nephew's wedding reception (Halloween weekend).
9. Try 4 new recipes.

So, not great. But not too awful. I never did my daily habits graph...so I obviously didn't do well with my daily habits. I also did not read 5 books this month. I read one book (ONE!)...but I did start three others. I missed a WW meeting, did not try ANY recipes. Now, I did narrow down the costume ideas to two, but I need to get that done asap. 

1.  Make my daily habits graph. And then, do all the things on it!
2.  Finalize our plans to move. 
3.  Read 5 books.
4.  Start new Bible Study at church & continue working through Uninvited study.
5.  Finish the 30 Day Shred.
6.  Go to Weight Watchers every week.
7.  Create a better blogging schedule.
8.  Finalize costume for my nephew's wedding reception (Halloween weekend).
9.  Try 4 new recipes.
10. Watch the Rangers in the post-season!!!
11. Go to a Mavs game. 
12. Try some new recipes.
13. Sign up for first 5k (and train for it!).
14. Make a fall bucket list...and cross some items off!!
15. Find a photography challenge for my Instagram (I need to work on taking more pics). 

Here's to a fabulous October!!