It's Friday!! This week just seemed to zip by. I am so looking forward to this weekend. We have had plans every weekend, and this is the first one in a while where it is just going to be C and I. We are heading out on a little mini road and shopping trip tomorrow and I am TOO excited about it!!

Speaking of exciting...I thought I would link up with a few blogs and share my favorites for this week!

NFL Memes
1. The Dallas Cowboys won (in overtime) Sunday!!! The first part of the game was a little iffy and I was feeling the stress. By the end of the game, I was bouncing off the walls.. SO intense...but so so so amazing. I am telling you...it's SO much more fun to be a fan when you are winning!! Added bonus? C's old boss is a huge Eagles fan...so he likes to give me a hard time. He was A LOT of talk all day Sunday but suspiciously quiet on Monday!! Ha. 

2. The CMA's were on Wednesday night and they were the best they have been in a while. I LOVED hearing a lot of the older music. It reminded me of my childhood. Here are my favorite looks for the night. I thought I would also share my favorite performances, but it ended up being like 10 so I'll just say again that it was awesome!! 

3. I will share my favorite new song though. Little Big Town performed it at the show the other night. It's so good. And, Taylor Swift wrote it!!

4. I finally painted my nails yesterday. They were looking pretty sad. I love the look of fresh nails but I HATE painting them. Even though the fall weather is still not quite here, I broke down and painted them a nice fall color. It's "flirt" by Sally Hansen. I also love using their base and quick-dry top coats.

5. I got this magazine a few weeks ago when I was sick, but I am just now going through it. Like everything else from Chip and Joanna, it's amazing. AND....we are going there next week!! My grandmother is a huge fan of the show and she has been wanting to go to the shop for a while. C and I went last year, but it was right before the silos opened, so we are excited to go back with her!!

Have a great weekend!!

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