Happy Monday!!! The weekend just FLEW by. But they all do.

Yesterday would have been my step-dad's 59th birthday. He passed away in 2013 and I miss him SO very much. His favorite place to eat (other than my mom's cooking) was Texas Roadhouse. So, the first birthday after his passing, C and I went to Roadhouse to eat and sort of celebrate him. Then we went again the next year. And last night, we ate dinner at Roadhouse for the 4th time without my dad. It's definitely a sad day, but I do enjoy spending it where we would have likely spent it anyway.

I got new Nike's on Friday. I have been walking more and more in this quest to lose weight. My poor old shoes (which I LOVED) had pretty much been worn out. I wore the new ones for a quick workout on Saturday and a 3 mile walk this afternoon. They are very comfortable, but I am still breaking them in, so by the end of the walk today, I was definitely feeling it. Looking forward to those walks getting easier! That probably has more to do with my weight than my shoes...but still.

Speaking of weight loss, I stumbled upon Heather's Instagram right at the beginning of her journey. Unlike my past attempts at weight loss, Heather KILLED it!! She is down 80 pounds!!! She also has a fun Insta feed and blog. I LOVE her Mani-Monday's...and I think that is something I want to start doing. At least, when I have something to show. I mean, right now, my nails are really pathetic. But, I'll show some of my most recent nails :)

These were my Cowboys nails for the watch party we went to last weekend. The blue is Sinful Colors Ciao Bella and the silver is my favorite silver...it's Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City.

Y'all!!! The COWBOYS are KILLING it. It is SO much fun to watch. Also fun to watch? This just cracks me up!

And this....which, I LOVE. You wouldn't think picking up your own trash would be that big of a deal. But, for whatever reason, this made me smile.

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