Happy New Year y'all!!! Hope these first 3 days have been kind to you!!
I have definitely been enjoying the last 2 days....C was off yesterday, so we just continued our little stay-cation holiday. He's been off a TON in December. A week for vacation. A four day weekend, and then the three day weekend this past week! So much fun...I'm sad it's all over!

BUT...as I mentioned in my last post...I'm also really excited for all the changes this new year will bring. I know a lot of people feel like January 1st is just another day. I am not one of those kind of people! HA!! I love all the hope and promise of the "clean slate". And...I am taking full advantage of it!!

I already feel a change in my attitude. Which is honestly where the MOST change needs to take place. Last year, I thought long and hard about my "one little word"- my word for the year. I picked shine...because it sounded good. And then, brutal honesty....I proceeded to live the exact opposite of what the word shine means. I just had a foul attitude all year. It was like I fell in a pit of mud and could not get out. And I felt like I was bringing everyone else down while I squirmed around in the mess!

In December, I really started praying over what (if any) my word of 2017 would be. I just kept coming back to shine. I love it. AND....I am really trying to embrace it this year. I realize we can't avoid the mud, that life is bound to sling it...and we are going to fall into it...or possibly, get pushed into it. But...we just can't lay around in it feeling sorry for ourselves. Right?!

So this year...I'm all about SHINE. I love that the word covers so many different aspects of my life. Physical, Mental, Spiritual. There are some sincere areas of my life I want to work on...and some completely frivolous. And..for the first time...in a LONG time...I'm excited. Excited for each new day and each new adventure. FOR CHANGE!!!

I have some "resolutions" I hope to tackle this year; like to read the Bible, to travel, to move to our new place, to read 52 books, and to complete a few 5ks. But, for the most part, I'm just going to focus on my monthly goals.  I am following Lara Casey's POWERSHEETS this year, and she is all about 'Making Things Happen' and 'Cultivating What Matters'...so those are sort of my guiding principles as I plan for the month.


1. Cultivate daily healthy habits. I have a list of health related activities I want to check off each day- my daily steps (5k for January), 100oz water, eating more fruits and veggies, finding and keeping a skin care routine, tracking my WW points, etc. I have a little graph and I check off each item...so it's kind of like a game. Because, I'm 10. Ha. 

2. Cultivate personal growth. Along with my healthy habits, I want to work on my potential. I love learning, but I also have a tendency to get a little (or, a lot) lazy. So this checklist includes daily reading, see more live music, work through my foreign language app and share a picture a day (#tricianaeeveryday2017) on my Instagram

3. Cultivate relationships. Keeping in line with the previous, I'm pushing myself to be more present in my relationships. To reach out to friends and family. To spend more time with the people I love. To step out of my comfort zone and actually interact with new people (insert scared face here).

4. Cultivate my relationship with Jesus. This is the most important for me. I think my pulling away from Jesus, even though it was unintentional, was a big part of my problem last year. I'd rather do life with Him...and that means I need to pour into that relationship. I'm reading my Bible daily (thanks to the She Reads Truth app), participating in Bible study at church, and just making prayer an essential part of my day. 

Here's to an amazing January!!

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