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Happy LOVE month!!

So, I was an awesome blogger last month! Yikes.

In my defense...I was a busy girl. Lots going on.

First...the not so great....

The Cowboys lost their playoff game. So sad. SO SO sad. Now it's quiet time until baseball season. I seriously think I go through a mini-depression when our season ends. I just look forward to Sunday football SO much. Ha. I probably need a more exciting life.

I am STILL struggling with Weight Watchers. I just can't get it together. And...if I am being completely honest, I haven't wanted to do what it takes to get it together. I hate that this is a battle that I have to fight. Like, WHY???!!! I hope to share more of this in the upcoming weeks. But...there is a little light at peeking through this tunnel...so it's not all bad!!

And...the HIGHLIGHTS!!!

I got to see my baby brother play hockey for A&M!! The team was in town a few weeks ago so we all went to watch. LOVE that kid!!!

I got my hair cut!! I'm still getting used to it a little shorter ... but I feel like it's totally manageable now. Before, it was a mess...and always in a bun. But the bun was too tall for getting in and out of my car. HA. Obviously, not ideal...or cute.

I just peeked at my January goals...to see how I fared. I love that I didn't set these super precise goals. I think I knew that the month was going to be crazy and gave myself some grace. AND...surprisingly, I didn't do too awful! Is it sad that 'not too awful' is my measuring stick for success?

But, I did TOTALLY rock my #tricianaeeveryday2017 challenge on Instagram. So looking forward to keeping this up!

I wanted to share my February goals. It's pretty much more of the same... cultivating better all around habits.... but I also have a few specific things I'd like to make happen this month.


1. Cultivate daily healthy habits. I have a list of health related activities I want to check off each day- my daily steps (5k for Feb), 100oz water, eating more fruits and veggies, finding and keeping a skin care routine, tracking my WW points, etc. I have a little graph and I check off each item...so it's kind of like a game. Because, I'm 10. Ha. 

2. Cultivate personal growth. Along with my healthy habits, I want to work on my potential. I love learning, but I also have a tendency to get a little (or, a lot) lazy. So this checklist includes daily reading, see more live music, work through my foreign language app and share a picture a day (#tricianaeeveryday2017) on my Instagram

3. Cultivate relationships. Keeping in line with the previous, I'm pushing myself to be more present in my relationships. To reach out to friends and family. To spend more time with the people I love. To step out of my comfort zone and actually interact with new people (insert scared face here).

4. Cultivate my relationship with Jesus. This is the most important for me. I think my pulling away from Jesus, even though it was unintentional, was a big part of my problem last year. I'd rather do life with Him...and that means I need to pour into that relationship. I'm reading my Bible daily (thanks to the She Reads Truth app), participating in Bible study at church, and just making prayer an essential part of my day. 

And...the fun stuff.....

5. Enjoy my Houston trip!!! Going to a mini-conference and a few weeks and I just really want to soak up every little second of it!!

6. Start the moving process. Y'all!!!! I'll be sharing more of this journey and my thoughts (as well as a home tour!) in the following months...but I'm just so excited to have new little place to call home. 

7. Simplify/Deep clean. This comes with the moving process, naturally. But...let me just say that my car and makeup bag are the two main reasons this is a goal. Shameful. 

8. See some live music!!! Just something that C and I LOVE doing, and haven't done near enough. I love a date-night centered goal!!!
9. Complete my Weight Watcher specific goals. I love seeing these on Instagram, so I did my own set. I think this is TOTALLY doable for me. With the exception of BBG. I thought I would do that in January and just struggled with it so much. I'm doing the pre-training. I thought that would be great because I'm so out of shape. HA. I need some pre-pre training. But...I'm going to try again. In fact...I'm going to do day 1 when I get done writing this. Pray for me. 

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