I'm married to C, and we live in North Texas. We don't have any kiddos yet, but hopefully one day I will fulfill my dream of being called mommy. Until then... I'm trying to convince C to adopt all the kitties. So far? It's not going so well. Ha!

I graduated with a degree in Communication from Dallas Baptist University. I'm about halfway through my Master of Liberal Arts studies, but I am taking a break to get my teaching certification. I would love to teach middle school! 

I have a passion for all things design. I do some freelance work (mostly blog design) and I love to decorate our little apartment. C and I love live music, country drives and Dallas Cowboys football. I have lists and lists full of dreams. The dreaming is easy... but I'm often lacking in follow thru. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.. and a repeated source of regret.

After a rough year or or so, I feel like I am in a new stage of life. It is my prayer that this blog is a fun outlet and an opportunity to set step outside my comfort zone... and chase those dreams!