C and I are both dreamers, so resolutions are things we make every year. This year we both really just want to work on being our best... individually and together. We made a list of the important areas of our life and sort of set goals within each category. Some of them are specific, while others are just things we want to work on together.

: go to church regularly, get plugged in
: do a Bible Study at church
: read Bible regularly (individually and together)
: pray together

: daily exercises (more on this soon)
: eat healthy (cook at home more! less processed foods!)
: go to the gym regularly!! (for the love!)
: try new activities (5ks, hiking, biking, yoga, etc) together
: stay for Weight Watchers meetings (TRICIA)
: drink 80oz of water daily (less coke for Tricia, less coffee for C)
: try for 3 fruits and 3 veggies every day

: finalize and get comfortable with envelope system
: pay off student and personal loans
: be more intentional with savings
: continue saving for down payment
: buy a HOUSE!!! (exciting!!!)

: decide on 2015 trip (or tiny trips)
: save for
: GO!! SEE!! DO!! (we are really bad about talking ourselves out of vacation)
: go on more weekend road trips

: send cards (TRICIA)
: make plans with friends and family
: plug in at church
: be better about connecting with loved ones
: take the kids out once a month (nieces and nephew)

: read 60 books (TRICIA)
: work on 101 in 1001 (TRICIA)
: monthly goals
: monthly "big" date nights
: get a new fur-baby (or two!)
: get pregnant (GOD WILLING!)
: take more pictures (TRICIA)
: do more

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